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Falcon Enertube™


Seamless Polyolefin Liner

Falcon Enertube™ is a liner manufactured from a specially formulated blend of polyolefins. This liner is similar in mechanical properties to the field proven Falcon Polycore™ liner with a moderate increase in tensile strength and temperature resistance. This second generation of Falcon liners is specifically designed to increase the temperature resistance of poly liners. Enertube™ is a seamless mechanically bonded liner providing a smooth tubing ID surface.

Some uses or applications of this product may be covered by one or more patents.

2 3/8" 1.516" .40 #/ft
2 7/8" 1.901" .47 #/ft
3 1/2" 2.347" .64 #/ft


Primary Applications

  • CO2 Injection (WAG) Wells
  • Beam Pumped Wells
  • PC Pumped Wells
  • Submersible Pumped Wells
  • Plunger Lift Wells
  • Gas Lift Wells
  • Coal Bed Methane
  • Acid Gas Injection
  • Water Injection
  • Disposal
  • Flow Lines
  • Solution Mining



  • Eliminate rod on tubing wear
  • Corrosion control
  • Reduce well servicing frequency and cost
  • Reduce tubing and rod replacement
  • Reduce corrosion inhibitor requirements
  • Reduce friction and peak polish rod load
  • Eliminate rod guides
  • Optimize your current inventory by utilizing lower quality tubing
  • Apply over used coatings
  • No stabbing guides or special coupling inserts required
  • No field service technician required
  • Lined tubing in stock



  • Maximum operating temperature is 210° F (99° C)
  • Coated couplings to protect J-area against corrosion
  • Minimum API torque recommended for tubing connection make-up
  • No special position make-up required
Falcon Polycore Liner
Coated couplings to protect
J-area against corrosion.


falcon enertube
Liner face provides pin
thread protection.