Battling rodwear and tubing corrosion failures? We can help.
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Falcon Ultratube™


Seamless Engineering Thermoplastic Liner

Falcon Ultratube™ is a liner manufactured from a proprietary blended PolyPhenylene Sulfide thermoplastic resin specially formulated for use in downhole oil and gas production environments. This third generation of Falcon liners is similar to the other liners in dimensions and mechanical bonding. Ultratube has a significant increase in temperature stability, tensile strength, abrasion and chemical resistance over the other proven Western Falcon Liners. The innovative polymers in this liner offer the broadest range of resistance to solvents, steam, strong bases, fuel, and acids. The new polymers are specifically designed to limit the permeability of acid gases such as CO2 and H2S.

Some uses or applications of this product may be covered by one or more patents.

2 3/8" 1.71" 1.60" .40 #/ft
2 7/8" 2.16" 2.00" .47 #/ft
3 1/2" 2.67" 2.50" .64 #/ft


Primary Applications

  • Steam Flood
  • Beam Pumped Wells
  • PC Pumped Wells
  • Submersible Pumped Wells
  • Plunger Lift Wells
  • Gas Lift Wells
  • Coal Bed Methane
  • Acid Gas Injection
  • Water Injection
  • Disposal
  • Flow Lines
  • Solution Mining



  • Mitigates rod on tubing wear
  • Corrosion control
  • Reduce well servicing frequency and cost
  • Reduce tubing and rod failures
  • Reduce corrosion inhibitor requirements
  • Reduce friction and peak polish rod load
  • Eliminate rod guides
  • No stabbing guides or special connection inserts
  • No need for field service technician



  • Maximum operating temperature is 350° F (176° C)
  • Coated couplings to protect J-area against corrosion
  • Minimum API torque recommended for tubing connection make-up
  • No special position make-up required


Falcon Ultratube
Coated couplings to protect
J-area against corrosion.


falcon ultratube
Liner face provides pin
thread protection.