Western Falcon’s New Website Offers Information and Products Designed to Enhance Well Run Life by Mitigating Corrosion and Failures


December 2, 2018 – Humble, Texas – Companies in numerous industries, including the oil and gas industry, experience tubing wear and corrosion problems on a regular basis. The materials used in wells and other applications can corrode and eventually fail, leading to costly downtime. Western Falcon, a division of Western Falcon Energy Services (WFES) has recently launched its all-new website featuring information about their 100% recyclable liner technology designed to mitigate these issues and protect tubing from wear, corrosion, and failure. More than 70 million feet (21 million meters) of Western Falcon liners are currently in use around the world.

The company got its start back in 1992 in Odessa, Texas. At the time, only one product – the Polycore™ liner – was available, and it was used in water injection and disposal wells to help reduce corrosion and extend the life of tubing. Today, after years of scientific research, Western Falcon offers five unique liners designed to protect tubing in almost any imaginable well condition. With their expertise and knowledge, companies in any industry can find solutions for their unique applications. The company’s new website serves to educate and inform companies in various industries about their options.

Regardless of your industry and the unique tubular issues you face, Western Falcon products can help solve them. Polycore™, Modified Polycore™, Enertube™, Ultratube™, and Extremetube™ liners can help extend the life of your tubing and keep your site in operation with less downtime and less expense in the long run. These products combine corrosion and heat resistance to ensure the best possible results and prevent rod on tubing well failures. In fact, research and testimonies show that Western Falcon’s unique line of thermoplastic liners have greatly reduced tubing failures and workover costs in several industries.

Western Falcon’s parent company, WFES, includes other companies focused on serving the oil and gas industry.  These include Polycore Tubular Linings in Calgary, CA as well as Warbird Tubular Processors and Conestoga Supply, both located in Texas. To learn more about the products Western Falcon offers, feel free to visit their brand-new website. You can also contact Matt Bosworth, the Western Falcon Director of Marketing, at (832)995-6928 or via email at matt@wfes.com.

About the Company


Western Falcon is part of the Western Falcon Energy Services company and is headquartered in Humble, Texas. The company provides numerous thermoplastic liner solutions designed to prevent corrosion and failure in gas, oil, and water well applications, among others. Companies around the world turn to Western Falcon for their wide array of products, their one-of-a-kind expertise, and their ability to recommend the right product for the right application. For more information please visit https://westernfalcon.com.